Profile of Tong, Known as “The Violet Idol”

Tong is her name.

Age: 21

Beijing, in the People’s Republic of China

She asserts that she is the type of woman who is aware of exactly what she wants as well as the moments at which she demands it. Despite the fact that she is a manager of human resources, she prefers to carry out tasks by herself and in her own fashion.

She claims that her upbringing in the spiritual realm and life, in general, have taught her how to be an emotionally and psychologically resilient person in a variety of situations that she has encountered. As a direct result of this, moaning and complaining are not her strong suits. However, in spite of the fact that she is a person with a strong will, she also possesses a sensitive side.

She is now unattached and on the lookout for her wonderful prince, who will sweep her off her tired feet, assist her in escaping the dull reality itself, and rescue her from the lingering loneliness she has been experiencing.

Second PictureIt would appear that she has experienced some rough patches in the past in terms of her romantic relationships, and it seems as though she is looking for her future partner to help her climb out of the hole that she has dug for herself over the course of the preceding years.

She also states that although she has a tattoo on her arm depicting a woman whom she considers to be her role model, she does not consider herself to be a “bad girl.” In spite of this, it is an indication that she is always trying to improve herself in order to be more like her idol, in the hopes that it will make her a better person.

Due to the fact that she is such a huge fan of many styles of clothing, she has a serious buying problem. She believes that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, but that she has mastered the art of being magnificent while also being respectful.

She finds it intriguing to preserve and remember every precious event of her life through the medium of photography, which she enjoys doing in her spare time.

Reading is another one of her passions, and according to her, it accentuates a woman’s natural grace from the inside out. Both singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and dancing are very important parts of her daily routine since they help her overcome her feelings of alienation and bring her closer to other people.

Lastly, she does a lot of traveling so that she may be able to unwind and mold her personality through real-life events when she’s away from home.

It is about time for the sun to shine its light into Tong’s life once more in order for there to be a true rebirth of springtime!

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The “Strawberry Blonde Demigoddess”:

JiaoJiao Picture One is the Name of This File

Age: 26

Location: Fuzhou, in the People’s Republic of China

She is the kind of young lady who prefers to live in the “now” rather than in the “past.” Because she is what she calls a “rather modest and delicate sort of person,” she avoids any and all instances of confrontation that may arise in the environments in which she finds herself. She hopes that others will view her in the same honest and trustworthy light that she does, as she views herself as trustworthy and forthright.

Her perspective on life allows her to see it in the most open and unrestricted manner imaginable; she thinks beyond the box. Because of this, her creative and original thinking is a direct result of her open-minded approach to the world. She is extremely versatile and can blend in with any environment that is put in front of her. This gives her the appearance of a chameleon.

When it comes to being romantic, A-Jiao enjoys taking ardent strolls along the sandy shores of lakes and makes an honest effort to soak in the rustic harmony of the surroundings of her birthplace. When it comes to being romantic, A Jiao loves taking passionate strolls along the sandy shores of lakes.

In addition to this, she is a great fan of going camping with friends and family, as well as any other enjoyable activity that allows her to spend time with the people she cares about.

Cooking delectable meals and fishing for the best catch of the day are two of her favorite things to do when she is camping in the great outdoors.

Second PictureShe considers traveling to be a significant component of her life due to the fact that adventuring is one of her true lifelong hobbies. Her lack of fluency in foreign languages does not prevent her from traveling to all different parts of the world, nor does it prevent her from seeing foreign films, such as “Original Sin,” in order to have a better understanding of the various cultures that exist throughout the universe.

She is currently looking for a “one woman” man who will promise to be truthful and devoted to her for the rest of their lives together.

In addition, she longs for a gentle and generous man who will treat her like a princess and reveal himself to her in such a way that none of their true sentiments will ever be obscured by deception and will always be present in their relationship.

She is looking for someone who will not only be her life partner but also her best friend. In an interesting turn of events, she mentions that she already possesses a passport, which indicates that she is willing to travel to any international location on the planet, even if she has to fly the plane herself, in order to locate the love that is the single most essential component that transforms a house into a home.

We can only hope that this “final destination” will not be too far from Bali Island!

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