The following profiles are examples of online profiles of girls from Europe that you can find in an online Marriage Agency (also known as a Dating Agency). They are real profiles of single girls from different countries in Europe (most of them from Russian or Ukrainian cities).

Name: Ekaterina
Job: Manager
Birthday: Born on July 06, 1985
Hair: Chestnut  
Eye Color: Hazel
Body: Weight 50 Kg (110 lbs) and height 1.65 cm. (5′ 5″)
City / Country: Saint Petersburg / Russia

About Her: She is a girl who likes to communicate and is cheerful. She likes a healthy lifestyle (she manages a fitness club). She enjoys spending her free time reading like Driser, Kafta or Kundera. She wants to meet an honest and responsible man to start a family.

Ekaterina does not like to drink or smoke, and she can write and read English and German.

Name: Irina
Job: Philologist
Birthday: Born on December 06, 1986
Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Gray
Body: Weight 56 Kg (123 lbs) and height 1.73 cm. (5’8″)
City / Country: Minsk / Belarus

About Her: She describes herself as being sensitive and loving. She enjoys humor,  actually not worried about being funny. She tries to take pleasure in my life and makes an effort to fill up day after day of her entire life with brilliant experiences. She enjoys communicating with strange men and women to discover something new and learn about the unknown. She loves a dynamic lifestyle. She is a girl who really likes reading and traveling. She likes languages (she teaches Polish language) and wants to learn more languages.

Name: Ekaterina
Job: Manager
Birthday: Born on September 06, 1991
Hair: Chestnut  
Eye Color: Hazel
Body: weight: 55 Kg (121 lbs) and height: 1.63 cm. (5’4″)
City / Country: Berlin / Germany

About Her: She described me as a girl with two different personalities inside… One side of me is most likely kind of normal, a bit romantic (but I do not like “Sex and the City “), but my second side battles against the terribleness and unfairness of this world. I have always been a very dynamic person who likes an active lifestyle. I do not like to stay in the same location for a very long time, for that reason, I enjoy traveling, and outdoor activities like hiking, walking, or swimming. I like cooking. Everyone is seeking someone special. Around this world, there is a single man, romantic, powerful, and caring, who will understand and take care of me.

Name: Marina
Job: Secretary
Birthday: Born on July 02, 1985
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Body: weight: 55 Kg (121 lbs) and height: 1.70 cm. (5’7″)
City / Country:  Bender / Moldova

About Her: She describes herself as a charming, pleasant, honest, and friendly girl. She values a sense of humor, stability, and sincerity in people. She enjoys taking care of her family and creating coziness at her house. She likes to work hard and feels artistic. She likes surprises, however, she wants to feel loved rather than overlooked.

She loves hearing romantic music, going to the cinema, animals, and nature. Marina wants to meet a hypersensitive, friendly, trustworthy, caring, secure, and understanding man

Name: Daria
Job: Producer
Birthday: Born on April 25, 1993
Hair: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Body: Weight 52 Kg (114 lbs) and height 1.70 cm. (5′ 7″)
City / Country: Kiev / Ukraine

About Her: She describes herself as active, positive, funny, pleasing, friendly, and also a well-natured person. She is a charming, loyal, and genuine girl. She enjoys learning new and interesting things and talking with people from other places.

In her free time, she likes going to the cinema and the theater. She also likes to sing using karaoke and dance because it makes her relax. She likes sports, like gym. Her future husband must be the best man in the world.

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Name: Inessa
Job: Music Teacher
Birthday: Born on November 11, 1981
Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Body: Weight: 54 Kg (119 lbs) and height: 1.73 cm. (5’8″)
City / Country: Odessa / Ukraine

About Her: She is described as a very mature girl who is romantic and knows what she wants from life. She is a strong girl, but a kitty when she is with the right man. In her free time, she likes to make the gym or run in a park, she likes to do this because of her health and the beauty of her body. She also likes to read books and on weekends likes to drink cafe or go to a disco pub with friends.

She wants to meet an honest and tender man to share with him, all she has. She likes to drink socially but does not like to smoke.

Name: Anastasia
Job: Musician
Birthday: Born on November 16, 1983
Hair: Black
Eyes Color: Hazel
Body: Weight 49 Kg (108 lbs) and height 1.70 cm. (5′ 7″)
City / Country: Moscow / Russia

About Her: She is a girl who understands the importance of women to build and take care of a family. She is a girl that has many interests… from shopping to driving cars, but always having a healthy way of life. She also likes to travel, do fitness, garden, go to the cinema (or watch movies at home), karaoke, listen to music (radio/mp3/or live concerts), cook, and drink a glass of good wine. 

She wants to meet a single man to build a strong, big, and long-term family.

Name: Ekaterina
Job: Manager
Birthday: Born on July 07, 1986
Hair: Red
Eyes Color: Green
Body: Weight 48 Kg (105 lbs) and height 1.67 cm. (5′ 6″)
City / Country: Dnepropetrovsk / Ukraine

About Her: She describes in her online profile, that she is a girl with dignity that knows which features are valuable in modern relationships. She is a girl who likes to have people at home, cook deliciously in her kitchen, and have a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers. She likes to read books about culinary and Feng Shui and thinning movies (comedies and melodramas).

She enjoys listening to pop and classic music and playing track and field.

Name: Liliya
Job: Designer
Birthday: Born on June 20, 1991
Hair: Blonde
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Weight 47 Kg (103 lbs) and height 1.68 cm. (5′ 6″)
City / Country: Kiev / Ukraine

About Her: She says that she is a girl who likes to work hard. She likes to help people and believes in their sincerity. She has a very good sense of humor and likes to make people very happy.. she loves seeing people smile.  She really loves animals a proof of that, she has 4 pets at home (a cat, a dog, a parrot, and a turtle). About sports, she likes to practice jogging, swimming, and biking.

If you think that you are caring, romantic, strong, gentle, and successful, you are the man she wants to meet in a dating agency.

Name: Liliya
Job: Flight Attendant
Birthday: Born on September 12, 1985
Hair: Blonde
Eyes Color: Green
Body: Weight 55 Kg (121 lbs) and height 1.70 cm. (5′ 7″)
City / Country: Moscow / Russia

About Her: She describes in her online profile with very few and simple words: As a kind and very good girl. Few words to describe her character, but seems if you want to know if these characteristics are real, she is open to showing them.

She also has simple interests like going to the cinema, traveling, driving cars, swimming, and doing fitness. Like most of the girls, she wants to meet a special man, for her whole life and for love. She Likes to drink socially but never smokes. 

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